Tuesday, March 5, 2013

    This designer has some wonderful thoughts on safety in the Bathroom. I hope you enjoy it. If you haven't been to Houzz.com yet, it is a must to check out. They have Idea books for every room.

19 Ways to Create a Cozy Breakfast Nook

I thought I would share this Idea book with you, this designer has some great thoughts on this space.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bath Workbook- How to get a Bath Remodel off to a Great Start

Closets- The Forgotten Room

Browse Bedroom Products on Houzz- For Example:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show Highlights- See what's new!

I recently traveled to Chicago to spend 2 days at KBIS. Here are a few of the items that stood out to me.


Hollinsbrook- Cambria
Bradshaw - Cambria

CAMBRIA- Quartz stone tops, they have some wonderful new colors being released, and so natural looking it was amazing, the 4 new colors should a great addition to their line. Here is the link to check the rest of their colors.


 ART FOR EVERYDAY- Cabinetry moldings and parts. Some new products that are hitting the design scene. Legs, Corbels, Molding pieces. The New Art Collection has some moderns twists on and old Classic. Here is their link to check out the rest of the Collections.


LED- Spotlights- Hafele 

LED Puck lights- Hafele
HAFELE- This company provides hardware for cabinetry, operational hardware for cabinetry, lighting, organizational features for inside cabinetry. Here is their link to check the full product offerings. http://www.hafele.com/us/index.htm

LED Recessed lighting strip
LED Strip Lighting 
LED Ribbon Strip- Hafele

Sliding Doors w/ Frontino from Hafele
"(02-01-2012) Hafele America Co. is pleased to announce Frontino, an innovative hardware that allows sliding doors to sit flush on tracks, instead of on separate tracks like others in the market.  The Frontino closes quietly and gently and is a great alternative to the noise and slam you can get from hinged doors.  Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors maximum available space as doors don’t open outwards taking up space.  The Frontino is great for Aging in Place because sliding doors allow easier access to cabinet interiors for those who may be in a wheelchair or need the assistance of a walker.  The hardware is also very useful in the kitchen because doors can stay open while meals are being prepared.  “Sliding doors are a stylish, functional and practical choice for every kitchen!  The Frontino takes sliding to the next level by saving space,” says Mae Holler, Product Marketing Manager for Frontino. "

Hafele- Appliance Handles 


Richelieu- Sliding Door System
Richelieu-Sliding Ladder
RICHELIEU- This  hardware vendor provides cabinetry knobs, lighting, operational hardware for cabinetry, and much more. Here is their link to you can check the entire product line. 
Richelieu- Curved Rod Closet


Toto Aquia Dual Flush

TOTO- This company provides plumbing fixtures and more. They are in my opinion one of the best made toilets on the market. They also offer much more here are a few items for you to see. One item that being released soon is a toilet that only requires 1.0 GPF with cyclone flushing.  Here is their link for you to check more. http://www.totousa.com/
Toto- Neorest Dual Flush
Toto- Soiree Free Standing 

 A few new vendors also caught my eye.

Shower floors
Corner benches
ARB  Plantation Teak Products
This was beautifully hand crafted and no oil applied. Here is the link to check out their product line http://www.arbteak.com/
Shower benches

The Wall Art is a heated unit

Warmly Yours- This a company I have used for years on floors for heating bathrooms, kitchen and much more. I saw this item and I thought you would enjoy seeing the latest and greatest. It heats the room, it can be art work or functional mirrors with or with out lighting. http://www.warmlyyours.com/en-US/

A mirror with lighting and heater

I have much more that I can share, but I felt this companies had the most interesting new products, technologies, and styles to offer the Design Industry. It was very inspiring to see all the new products available to the Design Industry. 

Sincerely Yours 
Angie Keyes CKD

Monday, April 30, 2012

Is Design for your home really free? Is it worth it? How do you know?

      When you start on the path of a remodeling project or new construction, how do decide where to go?  With all the information at our fingertips today, I think we go to the internet to start our search. Do the websites draw you in or is it basic information they offer that you seek?

     So, now you select a few places to go or call. Do you make appointments or just walk in? If you look at builders instead of cabinet retailers, most don't really have showrooms or do they? Cabinet shops do have materials to see. Do look at the details of the showroom? Do they reflect current trends and is it clean place? Do they charge for design or is it just free? I think we all know nothing is really free, more than likely it's in their overall profit margin to cover the cost of the showroom and employees. I am very curious to hear about your first impressions of the places and people you talked with.

    How do you judge if the person you're talking with has the skills to do a functional, yet beautiful design? How do they listen? Do they ask questions or do you just tell them what you want?  Do you know what you want and the bigger question is will your ideas work? Do you have the proper storage, does the traffic flow work for you? What about how you cook and work in the space? Is there more than one cook, does it needs to be more than just a place to cook? What about the bath? Is the shower larger enough, are the shower fixtures at the right heights? What about storage or does the current layout work for who's using the space?  Do they ask you these questions? Do they write down your answers? Are they listening? Do they use your name during the interview process?

    How important is customer service to you? Do the places you have selected return calls on a timely manner, do they get back  to you when they say they will? How is the follow through? These are signs to look for to make sure the rest of your project will run smoothly or will those be a sign of how badly your project is going to go. Do they ask what your budget is? Do you tell them? Do you ask if they have pictures of completed projects? Do they have references they can give you and do you check them out?  

     When doing your research do you consider the independent designer?  Why not? Are they not as accessible? Do you think hiring this type of professional will be to expensive?  Typically a design done first is easier to plan a solid budget around and  this saves money and time by preventing mistakes, in addition you can avoid change orders that cause the budget to rise.  Does free design mean good design? Do you value free services or does paying for design really cost that much more?  Does a showroom of product make a difference?  Do you know if you're looking at good, better or best product lines? This brings me to a recent post I did about stain steel appliances. Are they good, better or best? I'm surprised to find that with all this information at the our fingertips most still don't look past the surface of what they are seeing.  As you can see I have lots of questions. I would love to hear from you about your experiences.

    I always hear about how terrible the remodeling or new construction process is, but I wonder is the process as researched as the marketing information tells us. After visiting the Kitchen & Bath Industry show in Chicago recently, I have been thinking about how to  pass on all the information that is out in the cyber world. It's overwhelming to me, can't begin to understand how the consumer must feel. 

 I wish everyone a good experience when tackling your project.
Angie Keyes CKD