Monday, December 6, 2010

What should the design process be?

Well, they’re many different answers to this question. This is the method I use.
  • First meeting is getting to know you, taking measurements and pictures.
  • At this meeting I like to talk about what your thoughts are on the space you want to renovate
    • This includes your style, tastes, ideas 
    • Your issues with the space, storage, traffic flow, function
    • What type of appliances, and cooking if kitchen, if a bath a tub/shower options
    • Do you have a budget in mind
    • The time frame you want this done on.
After this first meeting, I do a sketch of what I think will happen in the space based on the first interview. I then put a budget together. If the client wants to move forward I take a retainer. This varies depending on the scope of work needed from me.

Not all designers work this way. But this way seems to work well for me.  I know several designers work on hourly bases. I will do this as well again depends on what services are required.

Hiring a designer can be the best decision you'll make on a remodeling or new construction project. We have the latest and greatest of information available on products and design. A certified designer has been through the education, testing and must have many years experience. We can save time and money with helping make the right decisions.

My goal is to guide the client in making decisions based on the designs and budge they want to invest. You need to be able to talk to your designer you hire and trust the abilities.

The next step after hiring your designer is to finalize the details of the design. This includes:
  • Colors, Style, layout of space
  • Cabinetry- door style, type of cabinetry
  • Plumbing & lighting fixtures if required
  • Counter top materials
  • Flooring - tile, wood, other if required
  • Hardware, accessories

Sincerely Yours
     Angie Keyes CKD

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