Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's start a design project.

Ok, so you have decided to tackle your design project. Now what? Start by doing your homework on the potential people you think you might like to work with. Since I have discussed this part of the process in past blogs, let's skip to the next phrase, and that is what you the client need to have to meet with a Designer or Company you have chosen to work with.
     What should I bring to a first meeting?  Where the meeting is is in your home or at a showroom?
  • Pictures of spaces you like, this gives your Designer/Company a feel for your personal tastes and style. I find this gives me good insight on who you the clients are.
    • Magazines are a good place to start.
      • A few of my favorites -
        • Kitchen Trends/ Bathroom Trends
        • Signature Kitchen & Bath
        • Kitchen & Bath Ideas
    • Internet is another good source for photos, below are a few links to the publications above. For other photos use the images search option.
  • A budget range. Now I know this is the most difficult subject to discuss, because there still in not allot of places to find out what a project should cost. But this is a subject that needs to be addressed for these reasons.
    • The Designer /Company you decide to hire needs to have some idea where you want this to be.
    • It doesn’t help to design a project then find out it's outside the reach.
    • Give the Designer/Company a range if you’re not sure what the budget should be.
  • A time frame on when you want this project to start and end. This important because some projects are easier at a certain time of year for some clients. These are just a few timing questions to ask.
    • Trips- vacations
    • School, kids
    • Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter
    • Availability of Designer/Company
    • How long will project take from design to completion
  • Meeting - Where are you meeting? How long will the first meeting be?
    • If your hiring a Retail company- most have a showroom
    • If you hiring an independent Designer they may not have a showroom.
I personally like to meet at the clients home if I can. I get to see firsthand what problems may exist. I take pictures and measurements. Then I'm able to work on a preliminary plan. I will say the more information you give the Designer or Company the easier and smoother the design process will be. In the end it will help have the best experience and hopefully a successful project.

Good Luck on your projects!
Angie Keyes CKD

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