Monday, February 7, 2011

A diary of a small kitchen remodel- Part 1

     This is a small kitchen project; I thought it would be a good way for people to actually see how a kitchen project happens from the beginning through completion. I find the before and after pictures to be very interesting. I think it shows how a space can be transformed. You turn any space into something very special. Most clients can't visualize what they want their space to become, but they usually have some ideas on what they like. Let's start.

Here are the before pictures of this kitchen we are going to follow through the process.

This is the first thing that's done. Take pictures of the existing space. Whether you take them and bring them to the Designer or Company or the person you hire comes to the home. As you can see it is a small space. A lot of doorways and a large window. This house was built in the 1920-30's. It has a brick exterior which will limit us for this project as the scope on this project does not include changing anything on the exterior. All though we are replacing the window with a new one and replacing it to its original size as it was made smaller some time ago. The brick opening was framed in at the top with wood to make the window a certain size.
           The next step is for measurements to be taken. This is an AutoCAD drawing of the existing space. Door openings, windows, and appliances are located. At this time I like to note heat registers, light switches, outlets and any other mechanical or construction notes I might need when designing the new space. This space has 9' ceilings. There is a suspending ceiling with block lighting that the home owner would like to remove as it isn't pretty and poor lighting for the new kitchen. The walls are plaster and will need to be removed as we are going to upgrade electrical and mechanicals. New drywall will be installed in its place.

        When I met with this client they had a file put together of ideas, it included pictures of kitchens they liked. They didn't realize at first they all had a common theme, wood floors and white or cream cabinetry. Many of the pictures were also inset door styles with a shaker styled door. These are very helpful it gives insight to this client’s style and taste. We discussed what they wanted to see happen, and I shared my thoughts on what's possible. 

        The next Post I will show the next step.

Sincerely Yours
Angie Keyes CKD