Sunday, March 13, 2011

Upgrading kitchen cabinets

           One other question this article made me think about is: Do consumers think about just upgrading their cabinets? I guess I'm under the impression that today's consumers are more educated and informed than this article suggests. Maybe I'm wrong. I've known clients who bought a refrigerator and had it delivered and discovered it would not fit the existing opening. But this was years ago, before the Internet was a major source of information.

         So are you under the impression that you can just upgrade your cabinets? If so my questions for you are the following:
  1. What about the existing counter tops? Do you re-install them? Do you know if you even can do that?
  2. And if you have to remove them to replace cabinetry what about the sink and faucet? Do you reuse the old ones? Of course that is if it comes out in any shape to re-use.
  3. Do you have tile splash? Will that also have to come out if cabinetry is being replaced?
  4. Or how about the built-in ovens or microwaves? Don't they need to taken out?
  5. What about that Frig?
  6.  Do these items need to be addressed?
       My common sense says yes they have to be addressed, so when I read this article suggesting that kitchen cabinet upgrading is just about the cabinets I began to wonder if the consumer really thinks this way ?
      Another item in the article mentioned was measurements that you should bring with you. All I could think about was a client brought me something on a napkin once. I have had clients, over the years  that brought me measurements, but very few that I could actually understand and read. The few that I could read and understand, so that I could  use them to do a sketch had an engineering background. But all measurements should be checked by the person installing them,  and double checked, so mistakes can be avoided.

To all consumers out there I wish you good luck on your design projects.

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