Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's your budget?

         I recently read an article in my local paper that got me thinking. Here is the link to the article.
How do you come up with a budget? How do you know what you need to invest or how much you can afford? Because doing a kitchen or bath design project is an investment in your home and your future.

         So what is your budget? Do you tell anyone this when asked? In 22 years I have never gotten a straight answer on this question. Why is that? Maybe most consumers really don't know what things costs, even with all the information available on the Internet. Or they are afraid the person they are working with will take that as a go ahead to dig that well that never ends, when really they don't want to invest that amount. So, how to you tell the person you working with how much you want to invest in your design project? Well, this subject isn't easy to discuss, the consumers and designers end up spending time on plans that won't be used or can't be used by the consumer. No one is happy no matter which side of the isle you are on. I know this is a tough subject, but if you can't give a budget then give a range it's better than giving no budget at all. This question ultimately can only be answered by the consumer; they know how much they can afford to invest in their project.

        Be realistic about your project. If you're looking at a magazine and you want that kitchen or bath that's shown, be aware that pictures can be deceiving about the actual size of the projects compared to your own. All designers put the best foot forward when submitting projects for publication. But, don't think a designer can't take that photo and make things work for you in your space because we can! And we can also help you with budgeting. We ask a lot of questions to help you determine what your needs are and how we can help you achieve the end result for the investment you want to make.

      I know you can buy a lot of product online now, but two items are still not available and they are cabinetry for a kitchen and the labor to install the entire product you buy. You can get a vanity for a bath, but you won't get to touch or feel that product to know if you’re getting what you paid for. Two places where you can get cost information are the following links. ;
Both of these sites provide information on costs of remodeling projects. Some sites use a percentage of the home's value and others use categories. Just remember the old saying “You get what you pay for". If you’re a DIY person, be aware that if you don't have the knowledge to attempt these projects it's probably a safe bet to hire someone who does. Costly mistakes can ruin any budget. Working with a qualified professional can give you the peace of mind that things will be done right and to code. Kitchens and baths are not simple rooms, plumbing, electrical, construction, and HVAC knowledge is required to do either of these projects.

       I wish you all good luck in design projects!

Sincerely Yours

Angie Keyes CKD

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