Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Budget Blunders- How to Avoid- Part 1

      The first blunder most consumers make is cabinetry. Cabinetry is the foundation of your kitchen. They need to last and stand the test of time. Inexpensive materials will look at great and seem to operate the same, but they will not hold up over time and use.

       How do you determine what your needs are when selecting cabinetry? Well, in depends on who's doing the looking. The men out there tend to look for options and features. A guy after my own heart, because I personal look at function first then the looks, probably my inner engineer speaking to me. Women usually look at door style and color first. Of course there are always the exceptions out there but this has been my experience.

      Look for the options and door styles and colors that appeal to you. There are many different cabinetry companies to choose from and in many different price points. Just be sure that when you compare them, you compare apples to apples for a fair comparison. This means options they offer, colors, finishes, and construction of the boxes and drawers. Some offer standard features and some are upgrades.

Grabill Cabintery
   Here are to rooms that feature this cabinet line.

     This cabinet company offers a few different levels of pricing. You will find that usually is the case. What's nice about that is you can mix the levels to customize them to your own budget and still achieve the style and features that are important to you.

       This line also carries many different finishes and styles. Again each cabinet line offers their take on a style and finish along with the options they offer. This particle company falls into the semi-custom to full custom offerings. As I said before just make sure you do an honest comparison between the cabinetry you are looking at. This is an investment in your kitchen or bath project and one that needs to stand the test of time.

Good Luck in your shopping.
Sincerely Yours
     Angie Keyes CKD

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