Thursday, April 7, 2011

Want a Better Working Kitchen?

        When I start a project with a client I gather a great deal information.  This makes guiding the client though the design process move smoothly. I have found over the years that a check list or survey really helps both the client and myself, decide what the scope of the project should be. Then once we have a direction I can guide the client to the next stage of the process. Here is a check list I ask clients starting a kitchen project.
  1. Do you have appropriate landing space next to or adjacent to appliances?
  2. Is there sufficient counter space for you to spread out and work?
  3. Do appliances doors interfere with walk ways or other appliances?
  4. Do you have sufficient storage? 
  5. Does the traffic flow work for you and your family?
  6. Are walkways wide enough?
  7. How do you cook? Do you bake?
  8. Where do you do prep work? Who does the prep work?
  9. Is a second sink for prep needed?
  10. How do you clean?
  11. How do you shop?
  12. Who uses the kitchen? 1 or more cooks?
  13. What type of appliances are you considering?
  14. Do use the kitchen for other activities?
  15. Do you need seating in the kitchen?
  16. Do you need  a family friendly space?
  17. Do you entertain? formal or casual?
  18. How many small appliances do you have and where do you storage them now?
  19. Do you have enough pantry storage?
  20. What do you like about the existing space?
  21. What do you want to change?
  22. What style and materials are you considering?
  23. Do you have any pictures of things you like?
       These questions are just a sample of information gathered by your designer, that will help you get the kitchen that will work for you! Make the most of your kitchen and you will enjoy your space for years to come!


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  1. If lighting matches the textures of kitchen worktops and floor, it adds a 5 star to the overall look and beauty.