Thursday, February 2, 2012

Custom Cabinetry - What does this mean to you?

       I recently discussed this word custom with a cabinet sale rep. The lines have burred over the years. As more cabinet lines add features to try to compete for a broader market share.  I find this subject is difficult to define, it means many difference things to people. So I went to my Linked-in network friends to ask what their thoughts were about custom cabinetry and what the word meant to them. Here are some of their thoughts on the subject. Feel free to post your thoughts.  

     “Custom means just that; not standard manufactured of the shelf. I have a custom cabinet maker that works with me from conception throughout the whole project phase. We design the kitchen and cabinets to give the most utilization of space, convenience, and appearance. The custom cabinets give you more storage space and we make them fit to any space opening. We design glass fronts, put personal touches on the trim and crown molding. All of it is custom."

     "As far as the flip-side you would purchase them out of a catalogue or go to the big box store and pick them up. Our cabinets are designed and built and installed in approx 8 weeks depending on design and how large the kitchen is. If anyone ever wants to visit our custom cabinet maker or visit some of our resent creations in the QCA just let me know; we would be happy to show what we are capable of."

 James Gulzinksi, Sr.

Owner of Pro Helping Hands, LLC

   "Custom means you have choices: size, finish, door style, internal configurations ( tall units especially), etc and not limited to a few door styles, colors, sizes in a 'series'. It's totally mix and match. custom eliminates the need for fillers."

Catherine Sloat 

Design Consultant -Kitchen & Bath Plus

   “In my experience custom means you have the opportunity to make the cabinet any dimension you want for instance, instead of three inch increments starting at 6,9,12, you can do a 17inch wide wall cabinet and make it whatever height you desire, also way more choices on internal items, door styles and finishes, but you also have to have that customer that wants to spend the dollars for custom cabinetry.”

Kelly McGee

     "Custom to me means something that is designed specifically for the client that you can't get anywhere else."

Shuva Rahim, Photographer

    "Custom to me means I am starting with a standard cabinet that I can change elements of to fit my needs and likes. To me, it does not mean I am getting something unique. Rather, I am able to make changes to something that already exists.”

Maxine (CooperBrand

LinkedIn Connector for “QC Linked Live” ■ Sales ■ Marketing ■ BS Development ■ Speaker ■ Event Planner ■ Referral Source

    "I think custom means cabinetry that makes use of all the space, even the odd little nooks and crannies, that could mean customizing off the shelf cabinets. Or, it could mean cabinets that are built from scratch with the wood, the details and the finish you choose.

Jill (McDowellWeitzel

Website Design ● Visual Identity Developer

    "Custom to me doesn't mean a "one off" cabinet system. It means that the system is one that meets the needs of and fits the unique space I have. I think that it is more about dealing with the uniqueness of the space than about anything else."

Dave Wellman

Helping entrepreneurs design success!

    "I believe custom means to satisfy a non-standard application. Such as building cabinets to match a specific decor, existing architectural design,specification or function."

Dan Spaete

Sales Manager ♦ Territory Manager ♦ Educator to the HVAC, Refrigeration and Metal Fabrication Industry

     "I were ordering custom cabinets, I would expect to be able to start with a basic/standard cabinet and then alter it to fit my needs, preferences and specifications. I would want an end product that was unique."

Kathy Middleton

■Identity Theft ■Legal Service Plans ■Employee Benefits ■Recruiter ■ Small Business Consultant ■Speaker

   "To me, custom means that I can get cabinets designed specifically to fit my space, and that I can choose the finish, style, pulls, etc."

Kurt Lokenvitz

V. P. Corporate Marketing at Hertz Farm Management

   "There are templates and then there are custom pieces. So essentially, to me, custom means a cabinet that is altered (even if only slightly) from it's original templated state."

Jamie Brodersen

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photo Editor, Audio & On-Camera Talent

     "When I think of "custom", I think of something that I'm able to modify to suit my tastes. It CAN mean, but doesn't necessarily have to mean, building something from scratch. For example, I think of a custom car as one you can buy off the lot with "basic" features, but then add the wheels, paint job, etc. that you want."

Dallon Christensen

Transforming ideas into results • Business Coach • Business Catalyst •Speaker • Writer •Operations/Planning Expert

   " I agree with Dallon, custom to me is something that is designed as a one of a kind, something that no one else has or can get."

Becki Rogers-Neese

Distributor at

       I want to thank all of my networking friends for the comments. I really appreciated their feedback. It's amazing to me the wide variety of statements made about what custom means to them. This is a word that is used everyday in the world of design.

      My own idea of custom is something that's created for that individual and tailored to their specific needs and wants. To create the dream space that they see in the mind. That is what I feel is truly custom.  

      I look forward to hearing from others about what they think this word means to them. 

Sincerely Yours 

Angie Keyes CKD