Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Expectations of remodeling

         Why is it that the expectations of remodeling costs are still not in line with what things actually cost?  With all the information on the web about material costs, why is it that we still find ourselves with sticker shock on what a remodeling project will cost us?

     Is because with all the TV programs, magazines on remodeling and that the budgets given in these mediums don't reflect the actual costs, when not given special deals for being on a TV program or not including what labor costs are? We know that the labor market varies from area to area so it is very hard to actually put a number to this specific part of remodeling. 

     In Addition when remodeling how is it that the unexpected problems still throw people for a loop? Do we have X-ray vision yet that allows people to see inside walls or under concrete? If so I want these skills. And lastly why are we surprised at the length of what a remodeling project will take? 

      I have been watching programs on remodeling on the HGTV channel. And I find myself angry with how the process is handled, plus how the homeowners expectations are let go and not addressed from the get go. It's not only about the money, but about how the process of remodeling is approached. When you remodel an old home do you really believe that unexpected things will not come up that nobody could have foreseen?  Do we really think that all projects can be done with so little time. I know they say time is money, however do you really want someone to a rush job with your dollars no matter if it's $1,000 or $100,000? Or would you rather have it done right in addition to done well? I'm taking the the second way as I have first hand seen what a poorly done project looks like. I don't want it in my home. 

     Well I guess we need to remember it's TV and not all is as it seems. Not that these shows don't do good work I'm sure they do great work,  I just think the don't always show the correct process for how they achieve such wonderful results. They do help people visualize what can happen in spaces. In fact I fine them a good source of inspiration. Keeping up with happening is the world of design is a full time project, with technology and new products emerging everyday. 

    So how do you determine what to spend on a remodel? This is the first question that needs to answer and only you the homeowner knows what you can afford. Try to stay in your comfort zone. Do your research on the type of remodel you want to tackle; in addition remember to be open-minded along with flexible with the plans as well as the budget. Always budget for overages, because as I mentioned things can come up that will change what can be done.

   A few magazines have been putting remodeling budgets together for a value spaces and custom spaces.  When I read these I think that every one's opinion on what is a value budget and what is a custom budget can vary. When looking at the articles remember to take notes on what items are in line with what you can spend as well as what you want to have in your project.  

     I still have not found an accurate way to tell you what your remodel is going to cost. Some say the it will cost 10-20% of your home value. However, this does not work on every home price. Example: If your home is worth a $100,000 a remodel then would cost $10,000 to $20,000 well, this would depend on the room you are doing plus what materials you are selecting, not to mention the area in which you live in that determines what the labor costs are going to be. And it might actual cost just this to do the project you want or might not. 

     So all of the information out there can give you a false sense of what your remodeling project is going to cost. The best way I know of in determining a budget is to actual get a design done first. Then get an estimate on what that design will cost with the product choices you have selected. You then will be able to modify the design and product choices to achieve the desired finished project in addition to the investment your're going to make.  The big word in remodeling I like to use is compromise. Why? Because not everything can be done just because you think it can, everything has limitations. 

     I do suggest starting with a Professional. They can guide you through the design process that can help you get the things you want in that budget that you what to invest. I think most people realize that these designers do have a value that they can bring to the project. The investment you make in the beginning can end up saving you money in the long run. No one wants to spend time as well as money on a project to come the realization that they can't afford to do the project that they wanted, furthermore having to settle for something they actually didn't want. What a disappointment that will be. 

     To make your remodeling project a reality here are a few things I think will help make your project a success.  Communication is key. Discuss your budget in addition to your ideas clearly.  Make a list of what things are must for you and what things you would like to try to get if they fit your budget. This will help you prioritize what important.
Furthermore make sure you compare apples to apples. I know I've say this before however it 's needed to make sure you are getting the value for your investment.  I have put an outline together in the past for what to look for in planning a remodel. My blog post I did last year entitled " Budget- My thoughts on the subject" I think will help you plan your project.  

Happy remodeling! 
Angie Keyes CKD

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  1. Yes i agree with you that we can not make exact cost of remodeling because the cost of material is different which you show on internet or anywhere else.A good idea is that give this work to a company which providing remodeling services at affordable prices.