Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stainless Appliances - Why?

      Lately I've been following the House Hunters show, and it has been interesting to watch clients react to seeing stainless appliances. Why are you the consumer thinking that stainless is an upgrade?  Why is stainless steel thought of as better, no matter what brand they may be?

    I think the first reaction is that they have a professional look over the white or black. And I agree they do look sleek and more expensive. However I do advise clients to look deeper than skin deep. With all the information available on the web, do your research. As always there are different levels of appliances, good, better, best. You must decide which level is right for you.
     How do you decide which level is right for you. Even though price is a big consideration try not to make it the main reason you buy a appliance. For example: If you a expert cook/ baker, the range/oven/cook top will be an important decision. If your single and you don't have time for cooking, the refrigerator and microwave might be the appliances you spend more of your budget on. If you have a large family the size of the appliance can make a big difference. What if you cook a lot of strong smelling foods, then ventilation could be a area that needs more attention. I tell clients to make a list of the important appliances and the features they feel they need to have. I think this helps clients figure what they really should spent. Technology has made these choices much harder. So many choices, in addition so many opinions.

   So going back to why I started this conversation. If your buying a new home or an older home and they have stainless appliances, don't judge a book by it's cover. Make sure they are appliances that match the quality of the purchase price of the home.  Knowing what your are looking at will help get the best deal on that big purchase.

 I wish you luck on your adventure of buying, remodeling, or constructing a new home.

Sincerely Yours
Angie Keyes CKD


  1. Very good thoughts Angie. I think that most people just assume that a good looking cover is all that they need!

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